Other conspicuous design prizes:


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Europe PrizeMedals PrizeDezain Sho PrizeEsigns Prize
Product PrizeAdvanced PrizeCartoon PrizeWebdesign Prize
Building PrizeUtility Car PrizeGreen Products PrizeIdeas Prize
Abstract Idea PrizeIntelligent Idea PrizeIntelligent Furniture PrizeArts and Crafts Prize
Material PrizePR PrizeReady-Made PrizeRed Consumeables Prize
Redhot PrizeTable PrizeToy PrizeVehicle Prize
Idea PrizeAchievement PrizeSparkling Idea PrizeAdvertising Prize
Italian PrizeGreatest Products PrizeGreatest Designers PrizeSeals Prize
High Quality Design PrizeTop Notch Design PrizeProfessional Architects PrizeChampion Prize
Human Resources PrizeDiligence of Technology PrizeBusiness Plan PrizeFuturistic Prize
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